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dispatch your autos miami
dispatch your autos miami

Miami Chassi has been a car dealer for over 30 years.

Dispatch-Your-Autos.com provides dealers, auctions, and other industry professionals a better way to ship vehicles. It’s Fast, Simple and Easy.

We are committed to helping our Shippers & Carriers to transport their vehicles from the point of origin to the point of destination.


Auto Collision Repair Center Miami: Miami Chassis Auto Body is proud to be a family-owned business! We have made it our highest priority to deliver quality. The Best Auto Body Shop in Miami Florida

Did you get into an unfortunate auto collision or fender bender? Don’t sweat it! Miami Chassis Auto specializes in auto body repair.

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We have designed this site with the car dealer and the carrier in mind. If you have any suggestion for this site please use the contact us link.

He has Owned and operated both New and Used Car Dealerships in the Miami, Florida area.

Our Mission

  • Deal fairly with customers and carriers alike.
  • Adhere to honesty and integrity to generally accepted principles of professional conduct.
  • Not engage in any practice which tends to corrupt the integrity of the transportation industry or process of government.
  • Not intentionally communicate false or misleading information concerning financial, ethical, and professional business background.
  • Make proper, just and prompt payment for all contractual obligations.
  • Abide by all lawful agreements to which it is a party, including all agreements with shippers and carriers.
  • Improve our individual competence and advance the knowledge and proficiency of the transportation profession through continuing education.
  • Promote greater productivity of motor transport.

The commitment that we make to each and every one of our customers.
Pickup and Delivery in a timely manner.
We will communicate in a manner that is Timely, Clear, and Honest.
To be Professional and Courteous.
We will treat customers with respect.
A satisfied customer is one to whom we fulfill a service commitment.
Our qualifications

Miami Chassis has worked in the retail automobile industry since 1995.

As Auto Dealers increasingly trend toward utilizing the Internet to purchase products and services, transportation companies are staying in the loop by launching mobile websites that offer Auto Dealers instant transportation and easy access to Car Carrier’s Nation Wide.

The mobile site is designed to provide Auto Dealers with easy access to Car transportation company information, directly from a Smartphone or other mobile device. As more and more people buy smartphones each year, we wanted our Dealers and Carriers to be able to contact each other easily when they post and search for vehicle transportation.